Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Less frying and induction frying

Bill M, Steam cooking is very well liked also, I know for thanksgiving holiday the ' smoked turkey ' IS a hot item with Hickory Farms, It takes months for the turkeys to absorb the smoke flavor. So they prepare months before you start if not longer.

I saw the ads about Oil-Less frying and induction culinary, Regarding who did try it says it taste like " Rubberized " Hard to discern flavor texture of the foodstuff, So I'm not so hot on buying more kitchen equipment Heavy Duty Ranges and Griddles for the health of giving up flavor, And the like.

bill, I'm skeptical of most of these products. If they did what they claimed we would see them replacing ovens short wave ovens in kitchens everywhere. I don't see that going. I am also skeptical of this appliances Number 1 Best-selling Author Mike Litman Is Giving Away His ‘unleash Your Greatness Live’ System At 95% Off! Tested Pages. High Converting Upsells! High Epc’s! 95% Discount! Unleash Your Greatness! ability to cook as accurately as an established oven or a convection oven. The microwave oven used to advertise you'll be able to make anything in it but few people use it for baking or roasting because it failed at that task. It's mainly used for reheating, Defrosting or warming but not really cooking.

Are you aware that oil-Free baking, I could fail to call that frying. I am sear foods to brown them in non-Stick pans with no oil. Anyone would. I use an oil sprayer to keep the oil level to get going but it will flavor the food well. For baking, bill, You need oil and you really need to deep fry or lightly fry. You can't get a good crumbly battered crust on food with no oil. Heat alone won't do that exactly where I know