Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Keylogger for moms and dads to protect your kids

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, It is very frequently that one or even several pop-Up windows blocked a large part of website. You would close those unwanted postings or some vicious and foul websites immediately. For the other hand, Little kids are always stuffed with curiosity. Without a keylogger installed in isn't even close to, Most children would choose to click to open these windows under the same setting. And with the aid a Keylogger, Parents could monitor the online traces of the kids really.

It pores and skin look keylogger product which has powerful functions. Record accounts typed in browsers, Purposes; Record all key strokes typed by users on computer; Record resources visited, Capabilities used, Files obtained and capture desktop screenshots by interval; Monitor multiple users accounts in the device and so on.

This keylogger enables you to keep track of online traces via my pc. Micro Keylogger runs in a stealth and undetectable mode which allows the parents to confront poor online activities of the children.

Block websites and capabilities

This is one of the most basic reason why you should choose Micro Keylogger which can help you get rid of those unwanted websites. This keylogger assures you that your kids would surf virtual reality in a "Putting surface" Enviromentally friendly