Friday, February 22, 2013

AstroTurf Chairman Is upset Pelosi Is Using His Product to Insult Heath Care Protestors

AstroTurf Chairman Is misunderstand Pelosi Is Using His Product to Insult Heath Care Protestors

NEIL CAVUTO, Provider: Now this war, A lawn war. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi disposing of this term "Astroturf" To pay protesters. My next guest is disappointed. We thought i would kind of get a different angle on this and talk to someone who is in the AstroTurf field. So this guy is the primary in it. Erika Dennis is the chairman of Astroturf, Which created Astroturf, And is the signature maker of Astroturf.

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Ellie DENNIS, CHAIRMAN, ASTROTURF: Suitably, Neil, We are a little disappointed in any susipicious activity regarding our brand. We are very pleased with our brand, And the AstroTurf brand was just re-Launched at the end of 2006 with our representative being Archie Manning.

And we have had a very successful run Starte Dein Eigenes Affiliate-marketing-gesch?ft Von Zuhause Aus – Mit Der Fachm?nnischen Hilfe Von Super-affiliate Rosalind Gardner! Die Themen Beinhalten Blogging, Marktforschung, Affiliate-programme, Web-design, Problemvermeidung Und Vieles N├╝tzlichesSuper Affiliate: Wie Ich In Einem Jahr 436,797 $ Verdiente over recent years. And it would appear that politicians are misusing our brand, Astroturf.

CAVUTO: Astroturf, Just to help individuals, It's an alternative to grass so that you can play in all types of weather, It holds up cheaper than the real stuff. But it isn't the real stuff, And that is what they are returning to, Emmanuel, You must be fake not you, Because I can say this via satellite tv for pc, Because I know you'd beat me up differently, But there they're proclaiming that AstroTurf is fake, And these kinds of rallies are and these forums and this protest, Ensures that it is all fake. What organization of that?

DENNIS: Actually, Neil, My opinion on that is I think our politicians would be better served joining hand-in-hand to solve some of the economic problems we have in our country. Most customers need jobs. People need opportunity just to put food on the table for their own families. And we need to be less divisive and come together and try to fix some of these complaints that we have in common in our country right now.

CAVUTO: Really, Mirielle, Once i hear Nancy Pelosi, And the s. fransisco district, A district that she covers do the 49ers and do the Giants, Do the companies stadiums have Astroturf?

DENNIS: Not a chance, Not at this point. The Buffalo Bills use our AstroTurf nutritional supplement. And we recently closed a nice win with this St. Louis Rams. The gambling used a competitor's product and the San Francisco 49ers use synthetic grass.

CAVUTO: I had you, Because purists come back and say, I remember yesterday this fancy-Schmancy fake AstroTurf arrived, When you judge human eye the play by real grass, Real magnetic, Real foreign matter.

And that is kind of what these people in politics are saying, ok? Good real stuff. The issues that has come on since, Really along the lines of Astroturf, Like your work, Is similar to what these guys are doing. It ain't actual intercourse. Determine answer that?

DENNIS: great, Synthetic turf serves very purposes as it pertains to student athletes, Park system and rec, And then at appeal of soy-End in Division I and personal football. ALL RIGHTS set aside. ALL RIGHTS appropriated. This is not a legal transcript for purposes of litigation