Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Kick your Pinterest marketing into high gear along with 5 simple tips

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Pinterest, A virtual pinboard where you organize and share photos you find on line, Is extremely popular it seems amongst 20-Something all most wives. Or might it be? I recently attended a Pinterest for Business visualization led by Melanie Burger, Social Media administrator for Beyond Indigo Pets. Here are a few key stats from Melanie's concept:

You've worked hard set up your brand, Make sure those familiar with your reputation can also find you on Pinterest. Be sure to also complete your profile detail, Including a company working seller's reason, High Quality Ebook Paying Great Commission Of 60% Per Sale. Brilliant Affiliate Support Offered With Articles, Reviews, PPC And Many More Tools Supplied For You To Copy And Paste And Start Selling Fast. Perfect Niche Right Now So Don’t Miss Out! Marketing For Hair Salon Owners decal, And a backhyperlink to your website.

3. Create ingenious boards filled with keywords that best fit your brand.

There are many ways your business can utilize a pin board with tips. Hailing beyond infographics to webinars. Always include a link back aimed at your site or source. Take a look at many of these Boston area businesses using Pinterest for inspiration.

Cakeology boston ma

Morning Grommet

Dana Markos races

PerkStreet money


4. Promote your boards through all five channels.

Successful Pinterest marketers promote their boards via the website, Wikipedia, Google+, Twittollower, LinkedIn, In store businesses.

5. As with all social media platform, Build relationships other users to build a following.

Advertising on Pinterest, Like all social media systems, Takes a plan and lots of testing and tweaking to see what works. Give it a whirl and move the post how it goes