Thursday, February 21, 2013

Largest Cyber Sting ever Nabs 24 on Four Continents

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An international cyber sting led by the FBI attracted criminals from across the world and led to 24 arrests in what is believed to be a multi-Million online crisis fraud case, Federal police said.

Eleven people were arrested in the states, Police said. The other arrests happened 13 countries on four continents.

Officials called the sting the largest coordinated world police action in history targeting cyber crime.

The cyber sting used a web site created by federal police as the spider web that lured in the alleged criminals. This was dubbed "Function Card Shop, Administrators said.

The alleged fraudsters could make trades stolen credit card numbers, Drivers licenses and bank home elevators the web site, As well as discuss general hacking simple steps, Representatives said.

Agents then established the suspects and then fanned out across four continents to make the arrests.

"From New York to Norway and Japan to quotes, Operation Card Shop targeted cutting-edge, Highly organized cyber criminals involved in selling and buying stolen identities, Exploited plastic money cards, Replica documents, And developed hacking tools, Talked about Janice Fedarcyk, The assistant director of the FBI in control of the New York office.

"Spanning four locations, The main two-Year undercover FBI investigation is the latest example of our commitment to rooting out rampant criminal behavior on google,

Hicks allegedly joined the site created by federal detectives in October. Presumably used the online nickname "OxideDox" And a Yahoo email address contact info.

"I've been in the hacking scene on the internet, Gun claimed. And he said that he stolen 800 credit card bills from The Most Comprehensive Loan Mod/stop Foreclosure Guide Online. Complete With Detailed Examples, Forms And Worksheets, And Our Own Proven Expert Pre-qual Method. Now Featuring A Complete Analysis Of The New Obama Guides And A Free 70pg Credit Repair Ebook! The Ultimate Loan Modification Guidebook another Web site.

In online chats he allegedly told an undercover FBI agent that he would trade stolen credit card information for a dslr camera or an iPad. But as the recent wave of attacks by the hacker collective Anonymous signifies that, It also targets private firm, Threatening the protection of our markets, Our trades, Our accounts, Our trade secrets and our special privacy