Thursday, February 21, 2013

Known small business owner to mentor companies Business Bangor Daily News BDN Maine

BRUNSWICK, Maine - a greatly-Known Maine entrepreneur from the midcoast has joined the state investment capital fund to help mentor and grow its portfolio companies.

Des FitzGerald, Most common for founding Ducktrap River Fish Farm Inc. In 1977 and powerful it into a multimillion-Dollar online internet home industry, Has joined the Small Enterprise Growth Fund as owner-In the-Real estate.

The position is a replacement, Created to help the fund evaluate promising investment possibilities ventures and provide a mentor who will be more heavily involved in helping portfolio companies grow their businesses, In order to a media release. The fund has put $13.4 million in roughly 45 companies since its inception in 1995.

After starting Ducktrap in 1977, FitzGerald led an additional through significant growth through 1999, When he was by the name of CEO of ContiSea, The holding company that merged Ducktrap and Atlantic Salmon of Maine to create an enterprise using more than 300 employees and more than $50 million in annual sales. ContiSea was sold to ls Grain in 2002, Depending on release.

FitzGerald has set up or co-Founded three more companies and been active as an adjunct professor in the University of Maine's MBA program. also, He was a founding member of Maine Businesses for Social duty, Now known as Maine Businesses for durability; Past president of the Natural signifies Council of Maine; And past board member of The Camden national gathering, Among other civic and company board positions, Depending on the release.

John screws, The fund team boss, Said FitzGerald experience as operator and leadership make him suited to assist our portfolio companies in achieving their full potential, And to help identify and groom are very grateful portfolio companies. Said he is looking towards his new role.

"SEGF is a vital facilitator in helping Maine's emerging businesses gain their stride, He said in your firm stand out. "It isn't just about the money invested. A critical ingredient for sustained success is execution built on a persistence for functional leadership and a coordinated team with a shared vision. My role at SEGF will be to give the portfolio companies one more in-House resource and give the team more capacity on the ground to identify and prescreen new the possiblility to enhance the portfolio. Maine Legislature created the Small Enterprise Growth Fund in 1995 as an investment vehicle to provide sources of investment capital to high-Growth Maine business owners. Its current portfolio of companies includes AIKO medical, Bar Harbor medical, Cerahelix corporation, And appears Gourmet Food Co.

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