Friday, February 22, 2013

19 quite Songs

19 finest Songs

This game had a huge buzz before he ever released his first album (Those Doumentary) At 2005. That album went on to sell 5 million copies but things were not all spectacular between him and 50 Cent and the two had a very public feud. It A Woman’s Guide To Taking Failure And Frustration Out Of Fitness – 10 Week Audio Transformational Program With Practical Exercises To Discover How Your Core Values Naturally Ignite Motivation & Create A Successful Fitness Program! Self-care Before Sit-ups didn't matter much as the Game continued to put out great music with or without G-Property. On this list I chose what I though were Game's best songs from his three albums only and not any of his mixtape material but I feel this is an excellent place to start for newcomers.

Hate It or fantastic- 50 Cent and Game team up over a fantastic instrumental and deliver difficulties rap singles of 2005.

Raised- wide wide lace top my Air Ones up, Get my gun up. I have to have that, I'm riding on with Dre who don't love us? One of my own favorites off of the Documentary.

The way you Do- Another 50 Cent and Game venture that paid off well for both parties. Based on 50 this was one of the songs he gave to Game that was actually meant for his own album