Monday, February 18, 2013

Kevin Pietersen symptoms for Pakistan

Pietersen's move from Surrey to Sialkot could possibly be the third eye-Catching transfer of our summer, After Robin van Persie became a man utd player and Kristen Stewart became single.

At a hastily convened press getting together with in Lahore, Pietersen was quick to emphasise that his move was not enthusiastic by money. "It's a rush of relief thing, Documented the 32-year-Mature batsman. "There's a range of liberty about Pakistan which will suit my style,

Pressed on this time, Pietersen shown an affinity with the driving habits of his new compatriots. "On the way from manchester international to the PCB, I saw SUVs flatten bicyclists, I saw sedans cut across three lanes to win a sharp left turn, I saw 17 children and kids in a back seat, I saw a goat stuffed between a husband and wife on a motorbike. I saw my extended term here. It's a place you can do what you deserve,

The talented strokemaker said he hoped to follow an esteemed usual of middle-Order batsmen from the actual, Record Zaheer Abbas, Javed Miandad and VVS Laxman as personalities. "even, I'm just being trusty, But my doosra provides great progress over Saeed Ajmal's, Pietersen said in a modest voice.

The addition of such a star figure in the dressing room is likely to spice up an already hot-Looking Pakistan team. Does Pietersen crave the captaincy? "That none, not a, It doesn't. This is one more reason why I'll be happier here. In England there was always self deprecation from the leader because I was the only ex-Captain in they. In Pakistan there are very five or six,

Pietersen has also shown a flair for being subtracted from retirement, Further proof could be a match made in heaven.

Asked if Pakistan's up to date "Walking around" Reputation might put him off his game, Pietersen said he would feel at home being without a home. "I am like modern finances: I am traveling, I go in which the action is. People say home is the spot that the heart is and I am a big man with a big heart. It can contain locations,

It is believed that the recent huge growth in Pakistan's telecoms industry was a major factor in Pietersen's move. need- and particularly SMS rates are among the lowest in the area, As mobile companies jostle each other in fierce challenge to capture the burgeoning market. "sure, It did play a role, Little leaguer admitted. "I flicked the TV on and a minimum of 70% of all the ads were about mobile deals. Technique forward-Looking for place,

"On top of that, Says Pietersen, "The chairman has assured me there may be no quota system here. Crucial I left South Africa, But here minorities are not given positions in society when it shouldn't deserve it. Usually, It's just the opposite, He added with a have a good laugh.

Pietersen also expressed gratitude at when hospitality of his new nation. "In the chairman's office I was investigating a map of Pakistan. In north of manchester-West there seemed to be a large province called K-k. I specific at it and said 'Hey!' and the chairman smiled and said the province had also been renamed. I have to admit, I've had many welcomes, But nobody has ever named a whole in a country after me,

There was but one minor note of discord when a reporter asked Pietersen how he designed to play for the Delhi Daredevils in next year's IPL, Given that Pakistanis have been given the cold shoulder within the last three seasons. A sudden look of horror came to his face, As if he had been told Andy Flower was marrying his sister. Pietersen put one hand over the microphone and whispered anxiously into the ear of the PCB official by his side. Here the power went, A common frequency in Punjab of late. In the recent, Dark stop of that moment, All this can include heard was a strange, Orphaned weep, With a highlight part Natal, Part south England, A facet Eurotrash, A haunting voice from location and nowhere, Which experts claim muttered: "Will line still work? I have to aquire on Twitter,

An not known voice replied "N't any, And as well, With that the press conference ended and subsequently great, Unstable chapter in Kevin Pietersen's career began.

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Comfortable article, Well thought out and brilliantly played while using whole scenario, You were able to bring all of KP's facets to the fore, Loved the grand finale about his flickr use. Unfortunately there is now another issue that understand realised when writting the article and thought "Nah won't work" But our emotional and naive fellow Pakistani countrymen are taking to the airwaves to announce the arrival of KP and rumours have already commenced that he was love child of our beloved Imran Khan, Thus allowing him to represent saving money nation in all forms of cricket!

Imran Yousuf, You have put great article, I can't stop having a laugh. Well KP might be thinking the same at once. Top funniest content were " A sudden key phrase of horror came to his face, As if he had been told Andy Flower was marrying his sister"

Second Funniest "In the chairman's office I was investigating a map of Pakistan. In north of manchester-West deal a large province called K-t"

Third Funniest " In England there was always low self-esteem from the leader because I was the only ex-Captain in they. In Pakistan there may be five or six"