Saturday, March 9, 2013

Make use of Windows Live Movie Maker Step

Learning how to make a YouTube video is actually really easy, The easiest methods I figured out how to make YouTube videos was by using scalping systems and following the steps below:

1. A dslr camera,Preferably a HD and one that will take short video when possible, But any kind old digital camera that you can down load pictures on to your hard drive will work,

3. A Youtube and Google email record.("The email account is not really necessary but reveal learn how to make a youtube video it will make your life much easier,)

3. to, Windows Live Movie Maker which specifically comes installed with a new Windows 7 purchase.

You are now ready for the how to make simple a video!

Activity 1. Take as many pictures and short videos that your digital camera allow you to take.

Method 2. Download the photos that you're likely to use to make a video for youtube, To your pictures file on your computers harddisk.

Actions 3. Open open Windows Live Movie maker, And get ready to see how to make a youtube video The 18 Day Diet Is A Proven And Tested Health & Weight Loss Solution That Has Full Meals/snacks For 18 Days Plus Teaches Techniques To Break Old Habits. This Product Is Easy To Follow And Most Of All…works With Lifetime Results. New + Health & Weight Loss Solution That Works And Changes Habits! with pictures and music. When you keep the windows open live Movie Maker look to the top, It have to have opened to the home tab, You can see from left to right: Interior, Animation, Visual result, plan, And look at tabs. The black screen to the left is where you'll be able to see your video come to life and to the right it says click here to browse for videos and photos, Just do it click it, It will auto-magically open a new window that will take you to your pictures and video folder.

Actions 4. Go through the photo or video you want to use first to make a video, Then towards the end click the open button, And presto the picture will appear in the black screen ready for editing, Now we are not likely to get into editing only because it would take to much time writing this article, And once you understand the basics of upload you can play around and learn the software. Once you have uploaded your first photo you will realise that the click here to browse for videos and photos has went away from the right, You will now use the add videos and photos mobile marketing companies button right within the Home tab.

Part 5. Repeat step 4 over for every video or photo you will be uploading to make a video with. I would recommend only uploading 4 to 5 photos if its your first time learning how to do Youtube videos with pictures and music video. Like I mentioned earlier don worry about editing we just are interested in learning the basic creation and upload to Youtube for now.

Approach 6. Once you are ready to upload your video to Youtube, Windows Live Movie Maker has really made it easy to upload video to Youtube by giving a plug-In for uploading video with the Youtube. Click the Youtube link and a new window will open that gives you the encouraged resolution needed for uploading your video to Youtube. Click on the link that is recommended and a new window will open for you to sign in to your Youtube account once signed in fill out all the info, When finished hit the publish button your video will instantly save to your hard drive and publishing should take a few minutes you will be prompted when publishing is complete.

You can now close Windows Live Movie Maker you should have your Youtube account open in another tab where you need to click on your your user name link in the upper right hand corner of the page, Another box will open that says your video you just made but it could take a few more minutes sometimes to finish publishing.

Awesome! You have just learned how to upload making a YouTube Video using Windows Live Movie Maker. Keep tuned in for Part 2 when we go into adding music to your Youtube videos