Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Macy's told to 'dump Trump' from ads

Macy's prompted to 'dump Trump' from ads -- or elseA new Macy's ad mixes in video video clip from "Magical on 34th Street" With cameos from some of the faces behind Macy's celebrity brands - like controversial Donald Trump.

By jeff Popken, TODAY factor

Snip snip snip. Seed that sound? The noise of over 558,000 scissers at the ready.

If Macy's good deals cut its ties to Donald Trump, Greater than half-A very-Million signers of an online petition will be urged to cut up their Macy's store visa card, The creator of the case, Angelo Carusone, Told TODAY today.

Carusone, 30, Said using the the petition on October 24th because he was a fan of the retailer and Trump's brand "Doesn't reflect this wonderful time of Macy's, He explained Trump's brand was built on "Impact-Free intimidation, Noting the birtherism hot debates, And Trump's history of misogynistic remarks.

When the petition started, Things kicked up a notch when Trump tweeted consists of "Industrial wave, Following ceo Obama's re-Spolitical election, And Macy's released a new ad utilizing Trump. The new Macy's ad included footage from "Phenomenal on 34th Street" With cameos from a few of the faces behind Macy's celebrity brands. There's bieber assault, Martha Stewart, Taylor speedi, Following which it there's Donald Trump, Distrustful that the old man in the stocking cap and suit is really At Last, An Easy To Follow, Step-by-step Guide To Making Marketing Videos. This Book Provides Full Details Of How To Easily Create Successful Marketing Videos. It Also Includes Tips On Strategic Marketing Practices. PDF Format With 75% Commission. Video Marketing Made Simple Santa and tugging on his beard. Macy's sells a to kind of Trump-Branded ties and aromas. Stuart Elliot, The New York Times' social media marketing companies6 writer, Remarked its ad was a "Brilliant twist" On Trump's notoriety for casting doubt on whether President Obama's certificate of a birth and college transcript were real.

Yet, to Carusone, Director of online technique for the media watchdog group Media Matters, The ad struck him as a ruthless "Checking out" Of Trump's logo.

Cher mocks brian Trump's hairpiece, He disses her surgical treatment

His petition urging the retailer to break up with Trump has been steadily gaining traction force through social media channels and media pickup. In the last Carusone, Working partnerships, Headed online efforts to get Glen Beck ousted from Fox News.

The ad also featured a look by Martha Stewart, Who served time after being charged for insider trading. But Carusone isn't asking for her because that was "A new one-Time difficulty, He explained. "Macy's isn't constructing a business on top of her insider trading,

The Donald arrived on the scene unfazed by the growing online uproar. Trump spokesperson Michael Cohen told TODAY, "The Trump Organization values its traditional relationship with Macy's and looks forward to many more years of continued success,

Macy's so far is not swapping course. Got for comment, Macy's man or woman vice-President of corporate emails told TODAY:

"Macy marketing and merchandise offerings are not associated with any political position. Many of those associated with products sold at Macy's or at any retailer, For that matter express personal opinions that are not related to your handmade jewelry we sell or to the philosophies of our company. In our piece assortment, We strive to meet our customers' hopes for unique and interesting products across a broad array of styles, Sorts and brands. This enables our customers to choose what they prefer. A longtime focus of Macy's holiday social media marketing companies6 has been to party the season's spirit of generosity advertising agencies los angeles and goodwill through our ongoing "Think about" Venture, And that's the sole message of our holiday television commercials,

By thanksgiving holiday, Carusone said he planned on offering the final petition to Macy's in-Loved one.

Meanwhile he has already commenced building a sub-List of the petition signers who hold Macy's store bank plastic, And if it's my feeling action from the retailer, He will cause them to become start cutting up those cards. He got the idea after people started tweeting him pictures of by cutting up their cards.

It'll be before Black Friday, Just significant year's biggest shopping days.

Carusone said he mailed Macy's CEO, Together with his executive personal assistant, Repeatedly before you begin the campaign and throughout it and got "Zero rejoinder