Saturday, March 2, 2013

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This picture really captured my attention with the seriousness of the contrasting black and white. It is also very nicely composed with both cheek bones and the eyes change rule of thirds. The lighting is bright as well as the backdrop so the image has an uplifting feel while projecting dark and mysterious due to the dark face. Over all a quite interesting picture that leaves you large canvas prints feeling strangely haunted

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As a photography, I have realized that in all honesty I just love to take pictures, Whether is areas, Still objects such as a simple flower or moving animals and the great. Something i've found I enjoyed the most though, Is taking pictures. I find incredible satisfaction in finding the gorgeous angles of individual people faces.

Lighting is the key to photography. Without a proper understanding of this concept it is very difficult to capture the perfect image. Light is the key to aspects worth considering of a photograph, Attempting to dealing with contrast, Coverage, Shadows or mentioning. Lamp also plays a large part in creating mood. It is the light and dark of a picture that effect of those feelings towards a picture, Brightness and clarity in a photo can make you feel positive toward the image, The opposite can often happen, Shadows and night give a more somber mood. Learning how to capture shadows and use different sunlight effects can help you create quite interesting images. There is a techniques of lighting, From back brightness to direct light, All with the reason for creating different moods and effects and mastery of these techniques can help you become an incredible photographer.

The rule of thirds Let’s Write A Grant Is The Most Practical Book On The Market To Learn Grant Writing. The Book Is A Step-by-step Guide That Demonstrates How To Write Standard Foundation Grant Proposals. Let’s Write A Grant is also another very essential requirement of photography. It gives definition to the aspect of proper placement within a photograph and allows you to set up a picture in a way that the objects are visible in the most appealing way. The main points of the picture should be found at the cross points of the 4 lines that form 9 boxes smashing the picture up into parts of 3. A part of the very idea of the rule if thirds is the idea of the eye line. It is a great line, Any time taking a picture of a person, The eyes have to found along, In order for the location of your picture to look accomplished and proper.

These pictures are all much the same in terms of lighting, Differentiation and general editing. Throughout the whole shoot I was aware of the rule of thirds and how the different angles we faced caught the correct quantity of light and used that to my advantage. I specifically chose to go out and take these pictures throughout the last hours of sunlight because this kind of lighting always makes very nice effects and uplifting moods. We used the water and the prop of a few white sheets to get creative and form some interesting shapes within a few of really memorable gift. The water also gives years into the future a nice texture and feeling of softness. Sometimes its challenging whenever using a individual subject because you are not in control of all the variables. The lighting and background might be perfect but the topic isn focused and throws the whole picture off. Having good over all conversation between photographer and subject helps avoid this issue