Tuesday, March 5, 2013

LulzSec 'disbands' after 50 days of coughing

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LulzSec has stated it mobile advertising companies will disband after nearly, Proclaiming that it had always planned to depart after 50 days.

The hacking group rose to prominence after stealing data and defacing the websites of a range of companies and establishments, Eg PBS, The new the, States and police in Arizona. Its parting statement was coupled with the release of yet more data, Just like files from AOL and AT />

You'll be able that LulzSec is feeling the heat after other hacking groups reportedly released documents revealing the groups' real-World secret information. They may also feel concerned by the arrest of Ryan Cleary, Any kind of a major 19-year-Old from london, UK who was last week faced with a hacking the website of the UK's Serious Organised Crime Agency - though LulzSec has denied the web link with Cleary on its Twitter feed.

Though they may not use the LulzSec name down the road, The group's members won't be giving up on hacking sooner. "We are not tied to this identity for keeps, Agreed the "Team of six" Behind the group's departing declaration, Recommending that they may continue operating under another identity, For instance example that other well-Known coughing group, Private.

One Anonymous Twitter account has declared that LulzSec members have "Submitted aboard" The hacker mother ship and released another set of leaked files, Which appear to have come from a counter cyber-Terrorism training curriculum published by FEMA, The US Federal Emergency leader Agency. Abandoning their name may mean these hackers aren't "It for the lulz, But it seems likely that this year's string of attacks continues