Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Lumenis Active FX VS dependent Fraxel SR1500 VS Cutera Pearl

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Hi all, I am also a client/patient like Melinda and of the same age and I are writing about issues not to desimilar to Melinda acne search marketing agency scars, Large pores and the oncoming of slight skin laxety. I find it incredible dificult to determine which laser to opt for. I was believing that the Fraxel repair might be a good choice but now, Reading all you I am no longer sure.

Another worrying write up I have seen on the web is that some patients have had scarring after CO2 laser facial treatment. Really 4-Months content-Program and I have deep scarring and ice-Pick marks within my face. I also have huge redness, Loss of smooth make-up to my face, And all over horrible glimpse in skin texutre. This laser procedure has been a disaster and I am thinking about buying help in restoring my original skin texture. I was treated by a reputable cosmetic surgeon in charlotte, North carolina, And he agrees he has never witnessed a result like this. I am terrified. This has been a huge blow to my We’ll Show You How To Make,000 For The First 90 Days Using Our Sports Betting Services For Nfl, Nba, Ncaa & Mlb. Get The Most Reliable Vegas Insider Picks From Us. Affiliates Earn 0 Comm. (50%) A Totally Game-changing Service. Professional Sports Handicapping – The Beast Is Here! state of mind of being. What what is do?

I doubt it was the Active FX but I are familiar with a few cases of scarring with the Deep FX and Fraxel Repair. Some people scar easily and likely the depth joined with C02 energy is possibly too much for them to handle. I'm really not sure simple methods to handle this Laurie. I would say straight C02 ablation but if you scarred with the Deep FX there's an easy chance you'll scar worse with the ablative CO2. Perhaps a subsicion of the scars as well as a series of ablative erbium treatments, Gradually helping the power level to see how your skin reacts. Want to offer more.

Medical professional. Stephen,

I professionally disagree that Active FX is only for superficial pigmentation. I have done dozens of treatements for skin tightening using the Active FX and have seen good deal tissue tightening, Especially about the eyes done at the right settings. I am a former owner of the fraxel and fraxel does not do any tightening with me. Fraxel is tight for scars, Not great for skin discoloration. The pearl is only good for some " light " exfoliation, And I wouldnt use it on type 4 and higher by their large spot size.

Medical professional. t

I own the Sciton and you will be adding the Profractional XC. I did 6 cases about 2 weeks ago with the XC and you will be seeing the patients back over the next few weeks.

If you are debating moles SK's etc I would choose the erbium. You can take an SK down and it will in all probability heal as if you never did anything. The challenge with the CO2 lasers is the coagulation or heat added to it. It's this that causes the hypopigmentation with the CO2's.

I have taken down countless SK's and they heal very well. I had one patient I took down 40 plus SK's on her face that did a 50 micron peel she was healed in about 4 days. I saw her last week after on year and her facial skin looks great and she doesn't have a one scar. She is so happy we did a lot to her neck and chest. She goes about 3 hours to see me.

I had a dermabrasion performed on my face 2 1/2 prohibited (25% progress in acne scars and a side benefit of younger looking skin), However, many pigment was lost. Fortunetly, Pigment is still slowly re-occurring every month. Would you be so kind as to recommend a laser to lighten the demarcation line and examples of the sun damage of 44 years on the neck. If anyone out there is taking into account dermabrasion - avoid them - you will find you face every day for years praying to God your normal matching color returns. Thank you very much.

I have tried out a number of systems within the last few 12 months and here are my results1 - bead - gives a beautiful peel effect but probably falls short of much effect on anything other than the finest of lines2 - treasure fractionated - great results on skin texture etc, Some information on deeper lines - not as good as the Cutera information / before and afters maybe have you believe and a very expensive system. 10 days recovery time.3 - Portriat - very improvement BUT a beast of a thing to use. Very painful even with topical BLT/Penthrox/LA treatments - in a nut-shell as painful as fully ablative CO2. No one took it the second pass. Very hard to guage which areas had been treated a couple of times, Easy to burn off eyebrows etc. Very extensive redness (2 months). Rather put me off it - also ujnreasonable repeat costs for tips.4 - Smartxide CO2. Felt like very underpowered, Ease-of-use but results not great - they tell me should want to do repeated treatments5 - Juvia CO2. Results nearly as good as pearl fractionated and cheaper machine6 - Erbium decanter or frosted magnifying glaas. No results on lines after one attention. Any opinions?Any Juvia users out there who want to tell me how they go with it?Also anybody heard anything about Ulthera? Ulttrasound based device for skin tensing - allowed to be painless and better than Thermage?

I am the fact that another treatment. At 50 years old I am having some skin laxity and additionally acne scars which I made worse by not following the directions after using acid I gon online by not neutralizing afterwards. I had put the acid on all the scars and they were only compounded by my own fault. I had two Erbium treatments last year but any difficulty. the second one caused some hypopigmentation and a few of the scars seem more noticeable. (Legitimately, None are really deep and in all likelihood considered atropic) Except, I still select to smooth them out as they seem very noticeable to me. It appears like the deep FX will be my best bet. By the way, I had co2 about 12 yrs ago and was happy with the results which lasted in the recent past (I am quite likely a Fitz 1-2 type of skin, Due to some our ancestors Cherokee indian blood, But very small skin). One subject I have does it matter that my scars, just, Lead from acid damage, In support of partly by acne? I'm guessing this as "A scar tissue is a keloid" Desirable? Definitely, I just came into menopause but will become bio-Identicals thursday to bring up estrogen progesterone levels. Does one's hormonal status effect the of a laser tx?


I'm buying one-Time treatment to deal with the acne scars (Rolling scars + become bigger pores) On my cheeks and have been checking Total FX (Or an equal) As an procedure to go for. Procedures requiring repeated treatments just take too much time/downtime and the results too unimportant to render them worthwhile. Cautious doctors in Singapore who have the Lumenis equipment?I've sooner had MIXTO, Portrait Plasma and the gigantic derma roller (5x) Completed. MIXTO and the roller did nothing for the scars and were a waste of my time and $$. Having said that, Health related conditions who did the roller for me is now asking me to try Fraxel (Do not think it's even Fraxel Repair,), Which I think is again not going to give me as promising results as something more potent such as Total FX or Dr Stephen's Korean-Made makers. Please could someone here recommend a physician here in Singapore who has seen real betterment with scar revision?I am grateful.

So i went to an appointment with a fairly reputable doctor in the denver area, Asking the best procedure for moderate sun damage, Texture and slight under eye tensing. He suggested either an IPL treatment rigtht after with the pearl. Otherwise total fx. Money is a problem, However results are more essential. From almost anything i've read here and elsewhere on medical boards, Not many medical doctors are fond of cutera platforms. I want the greatest results possible. Is it worth the cost difference and the risks involved to have the total fx? I cannot afford the expense and downtime with either without experiencing a factor. Any system is appreciated!

Amanda-m,Both of these tactics are rational and should yield a good effect when performed optimally. Would expect total fx to complete more tightening. Might want 2 ipl+ pearl to get same effect as total fx- of course must rely on the settings. In general to search for the same effect you need the same total downtime. Either offered to aid you 2 ipl +pearl with 1/2 dowmtime x2 or 1 total fx with full downtime. Decision made judging by available downtime, Purchase price, And reliance in the operator. The particular metaphor is unfortunate, "There are various ways to skin a cat, TF and LH whose posts appear on these sites are experienced operators with several expertise available, Can also have opinions. I agree with r bowen from his post except for the it taking 2 pearls with IPL to equal a Total FX. I would agree with the statement should going to just do Active FX. I think it would take a series of Pearls to come nearby the total FX. I think you will definately get the best long term results from either the Total FX or full resurfacing with the erbium laser.

I assume a physician was trying to offer you the option of various amounts of downtime. Personally, I would go with the longer downtime with the are more durable results. It really depends upon how significant of problems you have. The more the sun damage the more aggressive your physician will have to be to see results.

I just turned 30 years old and I have scarred tissues for 11years. I have tried a lot of possibilities, Medicine,And thus. I have deep acne scar removal, Not a lot but those people I have are right on my cheeks, No way to continue them up. I have had 3 fraxel laser light treatments, On top of 1 active FX treatment, And the truth is with no results. I am really sick of dermatology clinics that focus so much on wrinkles, What about younger crowd 20-30 (Ould like) Who are enduring acne scars. Is there really anything that works well? I feel every place I go is the similar, Really thumb, And never an improvement. I am deemed an attractive girl by my peers, But little do understand which keyword phrases, I have no self-esteem because of my acne scars. Can anyone assist me to? I swear nothing does work for acne scars! -angry