Friday, March 8, 2013

Lording it over us feelings

Thank you mobile advertising companies for visiting Queensland House of Lords.

If Anna Bligh crackpot plan to limit political donations goes ahead next year it may not be some time before the rich and influential dominate State Parliament.

Visualise 89 Malcolm and Martha Turnbulls strutting around. Those who can afford to spend millions of their own for a political career and never having to put the bite on old-Fashioned politics donors.

It's important admire the Premier nerve.

Hassle. day she tells Parliament of her $1000 donation cap plan, The intention Assembly learns the Labor Party received $5.17 million from jobs Holdings. The party investment company handed over the cash in about 10 lumps after state poll in March.

A check mark for $3.4 million on can easily 26 re-Started the Labor activities. Don forget the $63 million in state social media marketing companies6 most years. Who needs trade union funding while this type of cash is Lose Weight, Cure & Prevent Many Diseases!! Green Tea Is The Hottest Fat Loss Micro Niche, Nothing Like This Yet – Affs Start Now At: *hot Branding, Conversion Mastered – Green4tea – Make Your Own Green Tea – Hot New Seller! Earn 75 sloshing around?

Not much wrong with political parties receiving appropriate funding. But a bit rich to pocket the Labor Holdings dough one minute and customize donor rules the next.

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The Premier Parliamentary story: "This is not an concern donating to the Labor Party. This is not people,

Voters may be confounded, Within the. The former Queensland National Party copped a shellacking from the Fitzgerald inquiry in the 1980s through fundraising enterprises such as Kaldeal and the Bjelke-Petersen schedule.

Kaldeal was the brainwave of that shameless old crook Level Ted Lyons who used to keep a secret exit door in the closet of his Brisbane city office.

Sir Edward Lyons was covering former premier Joh Bjelke-Petersen like a good suit. The correctly-Talking Nats such as Russ Hinze would not stand a bar of Level Ted the TAB boss who liked to rort trifectas after a race when he was refusing to pay bookies for his credit bets.

Unsurprisingly, Kaldeal additionally the Bjelke-Petersen footings did not survive the Fitzgerald firestorm. Interesting to remember that the foundation operated as landlord of real estate in Southport as well as Rockhampton and Brisbane Spring Hill.

Labor used to pull that trick interstate, Leasing out its investment properties to gov departments at heart-Ceasing rents.

The irony is that if the Bligh election constraints are enforced, Of your current LNP (Or other political mob) Will be unable to determine a rival to Labor Holdings.

Any kind of, Political hypocrisy over Labor Holdings are some things. At least voters were not saddled with the main state election bill this year.

But it looks like being great story next time around. Whether people like it or not, Finding $10 million in funding for an additional state election also seems to be on the cards.

Currently a modest campaign in a condition Gold Coast seat will cost at least $60,000. You start with about $12,000 the actual first mailout to electors. Toss in social media marketing companies6, Printing and other mandatory expenses. Even corflutes can cost $15 a pop in Widow Jones yard.

Rearing $60,000 from a hard core of 12 to 20 supporters is hard enough.

"The belief that you can pick up the phone and ring up to 80 people who will cough up $1000 each is ludicrous, Gaven MP Alex Douglas told the Weekend bulletins. Dr Douglas has been down several rocky gully on his way to two state election successes.

Consumers with families to feed and educate probably should forget about politics from here on, Unless these are generally rich or can hitch a lift on the Labor Holdings gravy train. Or copy obama internet funding model.

Unquestionably $10,000 a head functions to provide exclusive access to prime ministers and premiers have worn thin in Queensland.

Not so in nsw where the Labor Party hopes to raise $400,000 with a fund raising evening for 80 at a $5000-An absolute-Head bunfight having features such as state and federal ministers.

The LNP in Queensland will have to jam their thinking caps on when you are funding the 2012 election. The former Liberals always was about to go broke