Sunday, April 7, 2013

Anglers inviting Private Club Permit to sell Alcohol

Anglers inquiring for Private Club Permit to sell Alcohol

From hear me invented:

The sad facts are these a big percentage of children being taken out of homes is due to drinking, And drug large canvas art treatments, Domestic abuse the same physical assault and crime also. The first step selling beer or wine for the tourist then we get package store then we will have a uptick in the above catagories maybe your daughter will mary a violent drunk then you might understand.

You are very naive if you think that anyone and everyone that lives in Stone County that wants Paleo Power Lunch Is Not Just Another Recipe Book. It Also Includes Strategies For Planning, Preparing, And Packing Easy, Filling, & Delicious Workday Meals. Ppl Includes An Ebook, A Companion Guide, Several Quick Guides, And 8 How-to Videos. Paleo Power Lunch to drink won't just because it is not sold in our county. They drive ten or twenty yards to Baxter County to buy it or they have a freind pick it up for them. I went to high school here in the 80's and it was easy for kids to get alcohol for parties and still is. Even though it's not sold in this county does not stop the drinking, Tablets,At-home abuse, Physical assault, And drunk vehicle operators. That will all happen anyway due to its sick world that we live in. I myself don't drink but I don't see why we've got to continue depriving our county of the tax revenue.

Truly alcohol 16 miles away in Baxter County. It is easy to get here. Lets look at bring the money to Stone.

People who abuse their kids are abusers alcohol or not. If they are alcholic they will find booze it doesn't matter how far away it is.

I have a real problem that a church shall control what the County does. Bizarre!

Not everyone is a raging alcoholic and parents teach their kids in the home about responsible drinking.

Quite extra cash in Baxter County and spend it here in Stone!

If Anglers would not keep worrying about alcohol and just get back to being a descent,Clean restaurant with GOOD food and be proud of it they wouldn't need to try and bring customers in by enticing them with alcohol! My hubby and my family and method,By the way like to have a drink occasionally but I think we need to just stay dry, Sooo,Anglers if you desire to get back to the restaurant you once were(Which furthermore was never great,But nice) Make any other changes,Like pick up, Rinse off the windows, Serve better effective food,And thus